Basic usage

  1. At section Input, it is possible to select either a local file to upload or a demo file stored on the server. Pressing the Start button uploads any selected local file and processes the input file using the current noise reduction settings. WAV files encoded with PCM are currently supported.

  2. Of the two audio players that appear at section Output, the upper one plays the original input file while the lower one plays the latest noise reduction result. The latter can be downloaded by pressing the Download button.

  3. If noise reduction quality of the output needs to be improved, there are two alternative ways:

    • Adjust the parameters in section Settings and keep the radio button next to the original input file player checked before pressing Process. This runs a different noise reduction operation on the original input.

    • Check the radio button next to the output file player before pressing Process. This applies a subsequent processing phase on the output of the previous phase. The parameter configuration can be either readjusted or left unchanged.

  4. To return to previous output, press Previous.

[More detailed information about the methods and their parameter configurations to be added later.]


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